Barefoot Cinderella

May 29, 2008 at 6:09 PM | Posted in Beauty, Lifestyle, Musings | 2 Comments

I recently came across this great article by Walter Kirn (author of Thumbsucker) on (Isn’t it ironic that this article appeared on Elle – a fashion and beauty magazine?). In his article, Kirn basically debunks the popular myth on beautiful women — that just because they’re beautiful don’t necessarily mean they are sexy. He goes on to say that imperfections in a woman are what makes her attractive and sexy to him, not the fully made-up face of a woman or the more-than-three-inches-heels shoes that most beautiful women wear. These “plain” women, whom he likes to call barefoot Cinderellas (Cinderella before the makeover), don’t usually care much about how they look or how much they eat. They are happy just being themselves.

I myself have been struggling with the pressure to look good — wearing the “right” clothes, the must-have trendy shoes (the higher the heel, the better), and eating as little as possible to stay slim. But no matter how much I try to be in fashion or eat less, I usually still end up wearing my comfy jeans and flip-flops and eating that fattening pasta. I guess I can safely say that I’m one of those barefoot Cinderellas. I’m a simple woman who is more comfortable wearing jeans and a baby tee than a skirt or a dress. Though I wear high-heeled shoes sometimes (but less than three inches) I still prefer flip-flops. And believe me, I have physical flaws that greedy plastic surgeons would eagerly want to fix.

It is just refreshing to know that there are still men out there who are not too caught up with the media’s typical definition of beauty. But of course, this doesn’t also mean that all plain women have winning personalities and all beautiful women have unattractive personalities. I think great personality still matters largely on what makes a person attractive.

Weekend Marathons

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I just spent the last two weekends having episode marathons of Lost (Season 3) and The X-Files (random episodes). Last May 10 was the X-Files marathon, where a few of my fellow X-phile friends and I trooped to Fandom Cafe in Cubao and enjoyed watching old XF episodes in the viewing room. And just this weekend, I shut myself in my room and watch missed episodes of the third season of Lost.

Now my mind is full of visions of Dharma hatches, the beach, creepy monsters, Scully, Mulder, and The Others. In fact the song, “Downtown” keeps playing over and over in my head. Obviously, this is the result of a marathon overload. But all the same, I had fun. Now I feel satisfied after watching those missed episodes — finally!

*Sigh* The stuff we do for the love of a show…

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