Anticipation, Preparation, and Celebration

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Well, our Office Christmas Party had come and gone. It was held last December 12 (yeah, it was an early Christmas celebration) at Mag:net Bar in Bonifacio High Street. The party started a bit boringly because of the introductory speech made by the top management but it became enjoyable and fun afterwards. Most, if not all, came in costumes and everybody had a blast. I’m very pleased to say that my group (the Austin Powers group) won second place for the group presentation. We never really expected to win.



Yeah, baby!
The Austin Powers group after winning 2nd Place (1st Place went to both the Titanic and Kill Bill groups)

As for the party venue, I was really disappointed. The bar was too small to accommodate all of us and the podium wasn’t big enough for a group performance. The chairs weren’t even user friendly. You would think that the owner/s (I understand the owner of Mag:net is Ces Drilon?) could have gotten smaller or slimmer chairs at least so there was enough space for people to move around. But no, the chairs were kind of bulky, with the legs spread apart. I tripped over them several times. The food at the venue tasted generic but at least they served cocktails.


Anyway, my office friends (Anais, Maiden, Cha, Lady, Shai, and Cathy) and I decided to book a room at The Legend Villas Hotel way before the scheduled party so we could have a place to stay overnight and change our clothes as we had work the very next day (yeah, that was really a bummer). We were pretty excited spending the night at the hotel. We had plans to stay awake all night long after the party just talking and having a “mini-party” of our own.


Our room at The Legend Villas

I didn’have real expectations when it came to staying at The Legend Villas. I mean, it was one thing to view the pictures of the hotel on their website; but it was another thing to actually stay there. However, I
was impressed with the hotel. The interiors had this distinctly Filipino furnishings, with wooden furniture and staircase. The lobby though rather small, was elegantly decorated. The only thing that turned me off was the overpowering smell of the air freshener the hotel used at the lobby. You could smell it once you enter the lobby. It actually smelled more like a car freshener. It made me really dizzy. But the staff was friendly and helpful.


My bed

The room we have chosen was pretty neat and spacious (we booked the Team Suite, which could accommodate six persons); the floors were squeaky-clean. It also had a kitchenette inside and two bathrooms. We checked-in at the hotel in the afternoon — just a few hours before the party. Our former officemate, Gigi, dropped by at our hotel room. Her office is only a few distances away from the hotel. We’re glad to see her again and had the chance to know how she’s doing in her present job.


In the foyer

After the party, which ended around midnight, we ordered takeout food from McDonald’s and had a midnight snack (we weren’t satisfied with the food at Mag:net). And since we were still feeling the excitement of the party, we stayed up all night talking and giggling (except for Cha who wanted to sleep early but couldn’t because of the ruckus we were making, hehe). We finally went to sleep at around 4 AM. It was a good thing that our boss allowed us to work half day the next day. We had ample time to enjoy the complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

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