Going Back to the 60’s

December 3, 2007 at 1:44 PM | Posted in Fashion, Shopping | Leave a comment

Our Office Christmas Party is just eight days away and my party costume is not yet complete. I still don’t have a pair of shoes and a bag to go with my 60’s outfit. You see, this year’s theme for our office party is Movies and my officemates and I are assigned to do a Christmas presentation during the party. We were divided into groups and each had to choose a movie to interpret. My group chose Austin Powers as our group presentation, thus explaining my retro outfit for the party.

I already have the outfit. My main concern now is finding the right retro shoes and bag that will match the dress I’ve chosen. I Googled for some ideas and found a lot of interesting styles with different designs. Here are what I’ve found so far:

shoes-bags.jpg 60s_shoes-4.jpg 60s_shoes.jpg

retro shoes (photos courtesy of fiftiesweb.com)

floral-bag.jpg 60s_bag.jpg blue_bag.jpg striped-bag.jpg

60’s bags (photos courtesy of kaboodle and karmaramakat)

blue-bag.jpg silver-bag.jpg


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