5 Things You Should Know About Me

October 8, 2007 at 1:08 PM | Posted in Musings | Leave a comment

1. I’m not an early morning person. That means, I don’t get particularly chatty in the morning, especially when I still haven’t had my cup of coffee yet. I’m usually in my suplada mode before 11 AM.

2. Being an Aquarian, I get riled up when people tell me what to do, especially on situations that go against my personal beliefs. It’s either I don’t follow what they say or I do the opposite.

3. I’m all against judgmental people — people who judge you by your own set of beliefs or actions, those who cannot see or understand beyond what they “think” is “right” and reject other people’s opinions. We all have different views and opinions. And others should respect that. Therefore, those who impose their views on others are not very admirable to me.

4. Some people think that I’m sharp-tongued and a snub. I’m not. I’m actually nice in person, hehe. I must admit I can be tactless sometimes and talk with a high-pitched voice, which can be misconstrued as angry. But that’s just my voice. My mother even talks the same way. As for being a snub, I guess that’s partly true. There are times that I just stay quiet in a corner and not talk to anyone. I have my own private, little world sometimes and I guess some people see that as being snub.

5. I dislike being called ate. Though others may reason that calling me ate is a sign of respect, I disagree. Being called ate makes me feel old. I prefer to be called just by my nickname.

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