England’s Rose Commemorated

August 31, 2007 at 11:36 AM | Posted in Current Events, History | Leave a comment

Today is the 10th-year anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. For the past few months, people who claimed to be “experts” on the life and times of the late princess were coming out again to provide a “new light” or a “new perspective” on Diana’s tumultuous life and the events that led to her death. These people have come up with new biographical books this year that claim never-before-seen-or-heard stories about Princess Diana’s private life and the tragic car crash that made headlines around the world.


Image courtesy of Dettagli Minimali

Personally, I do not even want to read or hear these “new” stories they’re telling. I mean, the topic has been covered so many times before and I’m tired of hearing their different “versions” of the truth. They claimed to be close to the late princess but they just ended up betraying her by giving personal information about her. Princess Diana had already suffered so much from the paparazzi and the media constantly hounding her private life. I think it’s time that they let her give the respect she long deserved and not dig up another set of nasty information they could find about her — however well-intentioned it might be.

The commemoration of the death anniversary of the People’s Princess today includes a memorial service that will be attended by her two sons, Princes William and Harry, Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II herself. I have heard on the news that the service would just be a quiet one — which is a good decision if I may say so. There’s no need to make the anniversary a lavish one, with lots of fanfare and stuff. A simple memorial service will do. This is what millions of fans of Princess Diana, including myself, would prefer. For me, I will always remember her as the princess with a kind and loving heart for the poor.

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