A Black Affair

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Members of Anne Rice Philippines with a few from TPTS

The fifth gathering of Anne Rice Philippines last August 11 was a blast. It took place at A Different Bookstore in Serendra and this time, there were eight of us plus three from The
Philippine Tolkien Society (TPTS) who joined our book discussion for a while. It was agreed upon that those attending should wear black. So all of us who came wore black — as a sort of tribute to Anne Rice’s vampires and witches, hehe.


The Three Body Thieves

The book that was opened for discussion that night was the fourth installment of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, which is “The Tale of the Body Thief.” The discussion was all in all insightful and thought-provoking. But I felt kind of frustrated because I have forgotten the details of the story and couldn’t contribute much to the discussion. It’s been ages since I last read that book. In fact, I read “The Tale of the Body Thief” while I was still in college. I was not able to review the story prior to the gathering since I left my copy of the book in the province. So you could just imagine my frustration during the entire book discussion! But no matter, I had a great time listening to the discussion just the same. And I promised myself that I would prepare for the book discussion on our next gathering.


We’re off to Krispy Kreme!

The Gathering at the Serendra was not just about book discussions. It was also an opportunity to meet other members of ARP, get acquianted, and have a good time. Most of the members who showed up at the bookstore I have met already. And those who I’ve met for the first time that night were nice and fun to be with. After our book discussion, we headed towards Krispy Kreme and hanged around a bit. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that it was already past 1 AM when I came home.

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