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I collect garbage — songs of Garbage, that is. I just saw Garbage’s new music video a few nights ago and the song sounded good. For a moment while I was watching the video, I thought the song (titled “Tell Me Where It Hurts”) was an old Garbage song that I never heard. But it turns out they have a new album! The title of their new album is aptly called Absolute Garbage. It’s a collection of all their hits plus a couple of new songs. I got excited after watching that video and I checked it out on Amazon to see if the album’s available already. Unfortunately, the new album is not out yet. It will be released on July 17.


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I’m looking forward to buying this album. It’s been a while since Garbage released their last album. I miss hearing Shirley Manson’s voice and the band’s cool music. I’ve always been a fan of Garbage. Their songs really rock. One of my favorite videos of theirs was “Only Happy when It Rains” where Shirley wore this really cool fuschia pink dress and shiny, black, kick-ass boots.

It’s a good thing that Shirley is now sporting her old red-colored hair in the “Tell Me Where It Hurts” video. I got turned off when she dyed her hair blonde in their last album. Ugh! That was awful! Now she’s back with her red hair. And it really looks good on her.

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