Remembering the People’s Princess

June 25, 2007 at 5:52 PM | Posted in Current Events, History | 1 Comment


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This coming July 1 will be the late Princess Diana’s 46th birthday and her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry have organized a tribute concert for her. Aptly called Concert for Diana, this special concert will be held at the new Wembley Stadium on July 1 with the two princes in attendance. International artists such as Nelly Furtado, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, Elton John, and Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) will be performing live. Proceeds of the concert will go to several charities supported by Princes William and Harry as well as the late princess.


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I think that this is really a great thing to do, what with Princess Diana’s 10th death anniversary coming up on August. It is just right that the world will celebrate Princess Diana’s life and all the wonderful things she did when she was alive. People from all over world who were touched by her compassionate heart will never forget that. I’ve always admired her for all her efforts to help the poor. I even cried that day when she died. There would be no other princess like her. She will always be my idol.

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