A friend in need is a friend indeed?

June 15, 2007 at 5:40 PM | Posted in Musings | Leave a comment

When it comes to doing favors for a friend, how far would you go? In my case, I usually (but not always!) have trouble saying no to a friend, specifically when it comes to lending money. Of course, I usually only lend money to close friends and not acquaintances. But anyway, just yesterday, a close friend of mine asked me if she could borrow a large sum of money from me. She explained her situation and promised me that she’ll give my money back by next week. At first, I was really reluctant because she borrowed money from me before and she wasn’t able to pay back the whole amount. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do it again – that enough is enough. But here I am again, giving in to her request. I tried refusing her at first but eventually I caved in. But this time, I made her promise that she’ll pay me back as soon as she gets the money next week. I also said to myself that this would be the last time that I’ll lend a large sum of money to a friend.

Now I feel discomfited and mentally kicking myself for caving in. How could I let it happen again? But then again, how could I refuse a friend in need? The thing is, I already had two very unpleasant experiences lending money to a close friend. One friendship was broken as a result and I kept telling myself not to give in again next time.

The thing is, it’s okay for me to lend money to a close friend as long as he or she pays me back as promised and the money is used for emergency purposes. I just don’t want my friends to make this a habit because sometimes I feel that I’m just being used and taken for granted. I just wish I have the courage to say no to a friend next time.

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