The Songs of My Life

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I have compiled here a short list of songs that I love. They are my personal favorites because they reflect certain periods of my life. The list consists of old and new songs and I have chosen them not only because of their lyrics but also for their beat and melody.

1. I Don’t Like Mondays (The Boomtown Rats)
2. The World I Know (Collective Soul)
3. How Soon is Now? (Love Spit Love)
4. Tourniquet (Evanescence)
5. Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)
6. Fallen (Sarah McLachlan)
7. Bitch (Meredith Brooks)
8. Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)
9. Sick Cycle Carousel (LifeHouse)
10. Live to Tell (Madonna)

Remembering the People’s Princess

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This coming July 1 will be the late Princess Diana’s 46th birthday and her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry have organized a tribute concert for her. Aptly called Concert for Diana, this special concert will be held at the new Wembley Stadium on July 1 with the two princes in attendance. International artists such as Nelly Furtado, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, Elton John, and Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) will be performing live. Proceeds of the concert will go to several charities supported by Princes William and Harry as well as the late princess.


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I think that this is really a great thing to do, what with Princess Diana’s 10th death anniversary coming up on August. It is just right that the world will celebrate Princess Diana’s life and all the wonderful things she did when she was alive. People from all over world who were touched by her compassionate heart will never forget that. I’ve always admired her for all her efforts to help the poor. I even cried that day when she died. There would be no other princess like her. She will always be my idol.

New Worlds: Transformed

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Well I just got this e-mail from my fellow members of New Worlds Alliance. And they’re asking everyone of us to spread the word. So here it is, I’m spreading the word:

New Worlds: Transformed and New Worlds 5: The 5th Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, all in 2007! It’s here!

New Worlds: Transformed brings you all the costumes, the games, the books, the toys, and all the science fiction and fantasy that was missing from your life, for a whole week! Celebrate being a fan of your favorite show, books or authors at New Worlds: Transformed on July 9 to 15, 2007, at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.

But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned to for news about New Worlds 5: the 5th Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in October.

Beautiful Betty

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Do looks really matter? It depends on who you ask. For Betty Suarez, physical appearance is not important; it’s what’s inside the person that really matters. This is the message that the hit TV series Ugly Betty wants to impart to the audience. True beauty lies within a person’s character – not on the way he or she looks. That is why I love this show because it gives a positive message to everyone.

Ugly Betty is about a young, smart, and confident woman named Betty who must struggle every day against what the society of today dictates: the importance of physical beauty. Dubbed by almost everyone as ugly, the eyeglass-wearing, bushy-browed, and brace-wearing Betty faces this challenge each day as she works as a personal assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Mode magazine.

Ugly Betty

Working in a fashion magazine with good-looking coworkers makes Betty sort of an outcast. A fact that she soon learned when she starts working at Mode – what with her dowdy clothes and lack of fashion sense. However, her intelligence and confidence (which is being tested many times) have slowly earned her respect from her boss, Daniel Meade, and her two coworkers, the gay assistant Marc and catty receptionist, Amanda.

When I saw the first episode of Ugly Betty, I was hooked right away. The show is funny and has a heart. However, comparing it to the original Colombian soap opera, Betty La Fea, I must admit that it greatly differs from the original version. Having watched the original version (well most of the episodes anyway), I could say that Ugly Betty greatly veered away from the original story, especially in characterization. Most noticeable is several characters from the original are missing. Also, Betty’s group of friends were reduced to only one and a few new characters were added (e.g., Betty has a sister and a nephew). They also changed Betty’s working environment. In the original version, Betty works at a fashion design company called Eco Moda. In the Hollywood version, Betty works at a sleek, ultra-modern office of a fashion magazine. It’s like they’ve thrown in a bit of The Devil Wears Prada.

Betty La Fea

Since the sub-plot of the original was about the love story between Betty and her boss Armando, I’m now wondering if Ugly Betty will incorporate this in the show. It seems unlikely to me. I mean, there is no chemistry between Betty Suarez and Daniel Meade. And I don’t think it would appeal to the American audience. And what about Betty’s transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan? Would Salma Hayek and the other producers include this also in the show? Well I’ll just have to wait and see…

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