Teen Sleuth Nancy Drew is Coming to Theaters

May 25, 2007 at 1:03 PM | Posted in Books, Movies | 7 Comments



Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Philippines

One of my most awaited films that I would like to watch this year — apart from Transformers — is Nancy Drew. Now I thought this movie was just a rumor or at least still in the planning stage but I was wrong. The movie is already done and will be shown in local cinemas this coming August. I’m actually a bit surprised by this since I’ve never heard any latest news about it on leading entertainment channels (i.e., E! News or Entertainment Tonight), and that it will shown already this year. Maybe I just missed it.

Anyway, I’m super excited when I first found out that it will already be shown this year. I can’t wait to see this film. I have read countless Nancy Drew books when I was growing up and it has been one of my favorite young adult books (aside from Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High of course). I pride myself in still remembering the characters in the Nancy Drew series. There’s Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned and her two best friends Bess and George. I still even remember some of the stories I loved such as “The Tale of the Twisted Candle” or “The Mystery of the 99 Steps.”

The Nancy Drew film stars Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts’ niece) as the teen sleuth and Tate Donovan as Nancy’s father, Drew Carson. I’m not too sure about Emma playing Nancy. I mean, I never seen her act yet. I hope she doesn’t screw up the character.

I remember there was a Nancy Drew TV series a few years ago and I only saw a couple of episodes of it. But I guess the show didn’t last long since it hardly got any media hype. I didn’t even know about the show until I came across it while I was channel surfing. The actress who played Nancy wasn’t too appealing — acting-wise, that is.

Anyway, I hope the Nancy Drew movie will be really good and I won’t get disappointed.


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  1. I personally think they are killing NANCY DREW with this movie. She wasn’t an air head. At all!! This movie, in my opinion, is gonna suck bigtime. Not worth my money.

  2. hi weens!
    i’m tagging you on a meme…

  3. Nancy Drew

    Nancy Drew. Hit or miss?

  4. I admit I was hooked with Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew before.

    With regard to your comment on Emma Roberts playing as Nancy Drew, well, I guess she has to really make an effort. Based on the film I have last seen her via Aquamarine where she portrayed Claire, well she was effective there.

    The previous actress, Pamela Sue Martin who took the role back in the late 70s, I kind of like her. For me, Martin has more aura of credibility as compared to Roberts. Let us hope that Roberts won’t fail her aunt, Julia Roberts on this film. From the looks of it, her role as Nancy Drew makes her a look-alike of Karylle, the daughter of Philippine diva, Zsa-Zsa Padilla.

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  5. nancy drew was awesome ! i kind of like the heroine as she is really smart and kinda cute ! she has a good job ! i hope she continues to act in more movies ! congrats nancy !

  6. I enjoy watching the movie rather than reading the book. i already watched it on my TV
    It’s aesome i wanna watch it again.

  7. I don’t know why people kept commenting on this movie. I was able to catch this movie on HBO and it really sucked! I was very disappointed. It wasn’t the Nancy Drew I have come to love. And it just surprises me that I keep getting positive comments about this movie.

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