A Race to the Finish

May 8, 2007 at 9:27 AM | Posted in TV | Leave a comment

Last night’s finale of The Amazing Race All-Stars was so exciting and truly amazing. I was rooting for dating couple Eric and Danielle to win the race and they did! At first, I thought the beauty queens, Dustin and Kandace, won the race because when I checked the The Amazing Race website, it showed that the they were in first place and Eric and Danielle were in second place.

So when I watched the replay last night on Studio 23, I was already expecting the beauty queens to win. But I was surprised when Eric and Danielle showed up first at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco — the final pit stop of the race — and became the winners of The Amazing Race All-Stars.

I guess what I read on their website was only the update of the race. So the real winners were Eric and Danielle (woohoo!). Dustin and Kandace came in second place while Charla and Mirna came in last.

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