Teen Sleuth Nancy Drew is Coming to Theaters

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One of my most awaited films that I would like to watch this year — apart from Transformers — is Nancy Drew. Now I thought this movie was just a rumor or at least still in the planning stage but I was wrong. The movie is already done and will be shown in local cinemas this coming August. I’m actually a bit surprised by this since I’ve never heard any latest news about it on leading entertainment channels (i.e., E! News or Entertainment Tonight), and that it will shown already this year. Maybe I just missed it.

Anyway, I’m super excited when I first found out that it will already be shown this year. I can’t wait to see this film. I have read countless Nancy Drew books when I was growing up and it has been one of my favorite young adult books (aside from Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High of course). I pride myself in still remembering the characters in the Nancy Drew series. There’s Nancy’s boyfriend, Ned and her two best friends Bess and George. I still even remember some of the stories I loved such as “The Tale of the Twisted Candle” or “The Mystery of the 99 Steps.”

The Nancy Drew film stars Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts’ niece) as the teen sleuth and Tate Donovan as Nancy’s father, Drew Carson. I’m not too sure about Emma playing Nancy. I mean, I never seen her act yet. I hope she doesn’t screw up the character.

I remember there was a Nancy Drew TV series a few years ago and I only saw a couple of episodes of it. But I guess the show didn’t last long since it hardly got any media hype. I didn’t even know about the show until I came across it while I was channel surfing. The actress who played Nancy wasn’t too appealing — acting-wise, that is.

Anyway, I hope the Nancy Drew movie will be really good and I won’t get disappointed.

Maroon 5’s New Song Makes Me Really Wonder

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When I first saw Maroon 5‘s video of their new song, “Makes Me Wonder,” I was quite surprised. Had I not seen Adam Levine (the lead vocalist of the band) in the video I wouldn’t recognize the song as theirs. “Makes Me Wonder” sounded so un-Maroon 5 to me. In fact, it sounded like a Jamiroquai song to me with a bit of a George Michael sound thrown in.And it didn’t help that the video looked exactly like the kind you would expect from Jamiroquai.

My surprise didn’t end there. I saw Adam Levine swaying to the beat and shaking his tush!And this is the guy who made sexy music videos before (first with “This Love” where he was cavorting with a woman in bed naked and “She Will Be Loved” where he made out with Kelly Preston). Watching him dance like that reminded me of the way George Michael danced in his “Faith” video. Maroon 5 might not be my favorite band but I like their music. I think their first album, Songs About Jane, was great and I love most of their songs.

“Makes Me Wonder” kinda threw me off because it has a different sound. But after listening to it several times, it grew on me. I often catch myself now singing along whenever I hear this song. And I like it now.

A Race to the Finish

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Last night’s finale of The Amazing Race All-Stars was so exciting and truly amazing. I was rooting for dating couple Eric and Danielle to win the race and they did! At first, I thought the beauty queens, Dustin and Kandace, won the race because when I checked the The Amazing Race website, it showed that the they were in first place and Eric and Danielle were in second place.

So when I watched the replay last night on Studio 23, I was already expecting the beauty queens to win. But I was surprised when Eric and Danielle showed up first at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco — the final pit stop of the race — and became the winners of The Amazing Race All-Stars.

I guess what I read on their website was only the update of the race. So the real winners were Eric and Danielle (woohoo!). Dustin and Kandace came in second place while Charla and Mirna came in last.

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