Of Animal Maltreatment, Cats, and “Chasing Cars”

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While I was watching the final episode of season two of Grey’s Anatomy last night, I couldn’t help but agree on what Meredith said in one of the scenes. It was actually a sad scene because Meredith’s dog, called Doc, was sick and according to Finn (the vet who Meredith was currently dating), there was no choice but to put him to sleep. Meredith, Derek (a.k.a McDreamy), and Addison were in Finn’s clinic and they were holding Doc while Finn injected the dog with something that would put him to sleep. Meredith asked Derek what they would do next and said something like, “We can’t just throw him away like garbage.”

I couldn’t agree more. Dogs – or any other pets for that matter – shouldn’t be treated like garbage when they die. They should be buried properly not just put them in the garbage. That scene couldn’t be more appropriate with what happened in my apartment last night.
See I have this stray cat who I’ve been looking after when it wandered into my apartment’s backyard. She got pregnant and now has two kittens. But since pets aren’t allowed in the apartment, I just kept them in the backyard, telling the caretaker/landlady that the cat just kept “visiting” the backyard because there’s a dirty kitchen there. But last night,the caretaker decided to throw away the kittens when she saw them. I was distraught. I love cats and would love to take care of the kittens but I couldn’t say that to the caretaker because that would be grounds for eviction (The apartment owner imposes strict rules on the tenants.). There was nothing I could do. I was really upset because she treated the kittens like they were just pieces of garbage. And I don’t even know where she threw them away. I tried looking for them but couldn’t find them.

Why do some people treat pets like that? Pets, particularly cats, have feelings too. They get hurt; they get sad; and they get happy too. I strongly suspect that if those were puppies, the caretaker wouldn’t throw them away. As I see it, Filipinos are more inclined to love dogs than cats. From what I hear from different people, they don’t like cats because for them cats are “greedy scavengers,” lazy,and are not “useful” around the house like dogs. That’s not true. Cats can be sweet pets too. In fact, they are really helpful when it comes to hunting for mice and other bugs in the house. And they are great companions too. I think cats are just misunderstood pets, at least to those who don’t know their true behaviour.

Anyway, last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was the one I was itching to watch. It was this episode where the hit song, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol was played on the background right at the end of the final scene. I heard that this song wasn’t that big until it was heard in that episode. I loved this song even before I watched last night’s episode (titled “Losing My Religion”). I think it was really appropriate for it to be played during the scene where Izzie was lying on the hospital bed beside Denny, who unfortunately, just died because his new heart had a blood clot. I really felt sorry for Izzie. She and Denny really loved each other even though they just met at the hospital and only for such a short while. It was really a heart-wrenching episode.

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It was my 10th-year anniversary last Saturday, April 7. Ten years since I’ve been living here in Manila. It was April 7 of 1997 that I came to Manila to work fresh out of college. Coming from Bicol, I was eager to start a career of my own in the big city. And looking back now, I’ve realized that I have accomplished so much since I left. I’ve learned a lot since then. I’m not the naive, timid, and trusting girl that I once were. Ten years of living in the big city has certainly molded me into a new kind of person. A better person, in fact. And here’s hoping that I can still be the best that I can be in the years to come. Here’s to another ten colorful years!

I’m Like Charlie Pace?!

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I just took a Tickle test called, Which Lost Character Are You? And it turned out that I’m like Charlie Pace. I never expected that. I, for one, am not a junkie like Charlie.

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Gay Soldiers in Ancient Greece

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While I was researching for an article about Greece, I came across this interesting piece of trivia. Apparently during ancient times, there was a group of Greek soldiers called the Sacred Band of Thebes, which was formed by Theban commander Gorgidas in 4th century BC.
The Sacred Band of Thebes was composed of 150 pairs of male lovers (300 in total, which was coincidentally the number of soldiers led by King Leonidas I in the Battle of Thermopylae as depicted in the movie 300). It was believed then that lovers in battle would fight more fiercely and therefore invincible than soldiers who didn’t have a bond. This concept was according to Plato’s Symposium.

It is interesting to note and kind of surprising that homosexuality already existed in ancient times, and that ancient Greeks practiced pederasty and celebrated love between males in symposia. I could hardly imagine Greek warriors fighting side by side with their male lovers. In recent years, films about Greek battles like Troy and 300 show us a different depiction. Audiences are led to believe that these Greek soldiers were heterosexual males who had wives and children. Now I’m wondering whether Achilles’ love for his cousin Patroclus was just brotherly love or not; or whether King Leonidas had homosexual tendencies towards his 300 men. Hmm, What do you think?

It’s About Time

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Mulder and Scully

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I just got this news from the Pinoy X-Philes mailing list and boy am I glad to hear this. It’s been nine years since the first X-Files movie came out and my fellow X-Philes and I have been waiting for the sequel for ages! Years before, it was reported that a second X-Files film was on the works and that the sequel would be shown by 2007. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because Chris Carter, the creator of the show, filed a lawsuit against Fox Network regarding syndication profits. So production of the film got delayed. This time I really hope that it will push through.

I miss the adventures of Mulder and Scully. I just hope that the film script won’t be a stand-alone story as earlier reported because that would mean that the story would possibly take place before the Season 9 storyline happened (the show’s final season), where Mulder and Scully had baby William and Mulder was accused of killing Knowle Rohrer (for the episode guide, click here). I prefer the script would pick up where Season 9 left off. I’m curious to know what happened to the two of them after they flee from the authorities in the final episode of the series. I think this would be best for fans like me because it would be
more realistic than a stand-alone story.

I’ve been an avid fan of The X-Files for many years and I really admire Gillian Anderson (a.k.a Agent Scully) because she is one great actress (she got nominated in this year’s Emmy Awards but she lost to Helen Mirren for Best TV Actress in a Mini Series). In fact, I think she is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. I last saw her in the film, The Last King of Scotland and I only watched that movie because she was in it (in fairness, Forest Whitaker was great in that movie). It was rather strange to see her talk in an English accent in that movie but she was so good at it and did justice to her role as Sarah.

I just hope that the second X-Files movie will push through…

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