Oh My Louis!

April 26, 2007 at 9:18 AM | Posted in Books, Movies, Musings | Leave a comment

Being such an Anne Rice fan, I took this quiz (thanks to Frederick O. for giving me this link) to find out what kind of a vampire I am. And this is the result. I actually don’t mind being identified with Louis. I mean, of all the vampire characters that Anne Rice wrote in “The Vampire Chronicles,” Louis is my favorite (and it doesn’t hurt that Brad Pitt played this character in the movie version of Interview with the Vampire). Louis may be miserable and all but he still has a conscience — a sense of goodness in him even after he became a vampire. And he is a devoted companion to Lestat (in a non-sexual way, that is). He is always at Lestat’s side no matter when Lestat almost went crazy after having been to heaven and hell.

Which Anne Rice Vampire Are You?

You are LOUIS. You poor jaded, melancholy person. You hate being you and you feel hopelessly doomed for all eternity. You are constantly wallowing in your own sorrow and telling your story to anyone who will listen, hoping to find sympathy or maybe even a kindred. You don’t see a point to life anymore, but are too scared to end it all.
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