What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get

April 25, 2007 at 5:10 PM | Posted in Musings | 2 Comments

Appearances can be deceiving. I am a living proof of that. Around two months ago, I was quite surprised when a coworker of mine mentioned to me that I have a wholesome image, that he never thought that I could actually have a “different” side. He said that he thought I’m the kind who is – to put it in the vernacular – “hindi makabasag ng pinggan.” Well I told him that he thought wrong. I’m not this goody-two-shoes,Pollyanna type of person who shies away from doing mischiefs and blushes every time I hear green jokes. Believe you me, I’m so far from that image. I may be shy and dresses a bit like the average girl but the real me is a fusion of wildness and naughtiness. I can be nice and sweet but I can also be bitchy and mean. Those who know me very well can attest to that.

After hearing that comment from my coworker, I’m now beginning to wonder if I should change my image. But then again, I thought I already did that when I got a tattoo three months ago. I thought having a tattoo (by the way, my tattoo is located on my lower back) would make it clear to those who would see it that I’m not as wholesome as I seem. Apparently, I was wrong. Maybe people are misled by the way I dress. Though I wear black clothes and black nail polish once in a while, most of my wardrobe consists of baby T’s and blouses in assorted colors (yes I have a couple of pink blouses), jeans, tank tops, and shorts. Maybe that’s enough for most people to conclude that I’m wholesome.

So now maybe I should wear black more often and maybe curse once in a while?

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